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Do you feel like ordering in? Are you too tired to dress up and go out for dinner? Well, there is no problem at all because Marmaris Kebab is here to cater for you right at your home. Are you wondering what kind of food we can deliver? Everything; from Fast Food to proper meals; you get everything when you order your dinner at Marmaris Kebab.




Our lavish and delicious menu includes tasty dishes like Kebabs from different cuisines, wraps, lahmacun and even hot and cold mezes like grilled haloumi. But we have something special for your family as well – delicious kids’ menu will woo your kids. Can it get any easier than this? We don’t think so. So next time you feel like ordering ANYTHING to eat while you sit back and relax at home, think of Marmaris Kebab!

Open 7 Days a Week
Mon-Thu: 16:00 to 22:00
Fri & Sat: 16:00 to 22:30
Sunday: 16:00 to 22:00

Recent Web Reviews

Food took a little longer than planned but was lovely when we got it!!

Tammy Atkins

Dec 08,2023

Lovely fresh kebab and salad. Swift delivery thank you!

Christina CliftonLee

Nov 01,2023

Ordered online. Food arrived on time. Big portion of salad, had to reheat my chicken as not as hot as I like it. Tasted really nice and would reorder again.

Julie Christie

Oct 15,2023

You put chillie sauce in both kebabs instead of garlic sauce on 1 other than that it was OK

heidi roberts

Jul 22,2023

Top quality food

Dave Bland

Jul 16,2023

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